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-The European Capital Equities Group(ECE) , is based in Switzerland with head office in Zurich, Switzerland . It has representative offices in The United Kingdom , France , Italy ,Canada and United States of America . ECE  works in close consultation and affiliation with specific companies in Europe, North American and the Middle East and Asia . ECE has been established for the purpose of creating a range of unique Capital Enhancement  Products and Financial Marketing Support Programs .

-ECE places and directs this financial and investment based product   range through various program strategies suitable to the ECE client requirements. These strategies are developed in close consultation with the ECE client following an in depth review and analysis of the ECE client operating profiles and objectives.

-ECE places and directs financial ,investment and marketing support programs , including other forms of capital enhancement , equities or structured finance and investment into a well defined target  market sectors , being primarily from within these main  industries ; Hospitality, Resort , Leisure , Sport,  Wellbeing andHealthcare. The ECE placement is directly applied into the companies owning and providing the services and facilities in these specific market sectors. This range of industry sectors generally falls within what has become known as the Second Lifestyle Hospitality and Wellbeing markets.

The ECE  Focus

ECE is a company focused on providing unique  , new and supportive ,  financial , investment and marketing  based  programs in order to assist  the ongoing development and reinforcement  to the commercial activities of Second Lifestyle  facilities , primarily located   throughout Europe, North America and in selected other International locations.

ECE approaches its client's needs only on a case by case basis whereby specific programs are tailored to meet the objectives set within the parameters of the specific case requirement. Through this approach  ECE is able to enhance the facilities commercial programming . In order to achieve the ECE client's agreed objectives , ECE will consult ,as required, with other  associated or affiliated  groups from  related  marketing ,finance and investment sectors .

focus and vision is to strengthen capital, enhance operational efficiency , programs and improve operationing performance measurements  . When and where appropriate, ECE will structure Support and Enhancement Capital for ongoing development or redevelopment in order to improved financial and market  performance , applicable to standard financial and investment requirements within the ECE client , case specific situation.

The  ECE Objective

The ECE objective  is to add capital enhancement and operating efficiency and improvement by analyzing  and restructuring and adding marketing and financial programs  , to increase operating and capital value and stability   to  existing ECE client facilities.  This is accomplished by extracting various levels of added value not yet being utilised by the facility operator.  The ECE process aims to restructure and balance the facility into a stronger financial and operating unit. .

ECE seeks to analyze , restructure , design , apply and support its program methodologies  in consideration of  ECE's overall client operating requirements and  ECE's client Capital Requirement Objectives. Both of these needs having been  agreed with each coperating facility at initiation of the process.  ECE always approaches these requirements and objectives on a ECE client case specific  situation .

The ECE Financial Support Programs

-ECE has developed a range of financial ,investment and marketing support programs that utilize a unique range of capital , financial and marketing enhancement products ,developed by ECE . This  development program followed a long period of in depth review and analysis of the issues affecting these types of  facilities and their corresponding target markets . The resulting programs and Products are appropriate and matched to these market sectors  and form the basic  ECE  financial concepts . They are formulated  from fully guaranteed Capital Preferred Shares, Mezzanine Bonds , Private Placements  Products including extremely specialised , custom designed Second Lifestyle Membership Programs.

The ECE Team

-The ECE team is drawn from the Financial Services , Investment ,Hospitality, Resort, Leisue,Sport, Wellbeing and Healthcare industries. The ECE team has an extensive professional background with skills in finance, investment, marketing, analysis, research and administration . This provides a depth of experience, knowledge and practical application. ECE has adopted a corporate structure and organisational format that allows it to draw from all these values in a way that develops diverse thinking and application of solutions , on a technically sound and proficient basis.  This method incorporates  the requisite checks and balances to create and benefit from the ECE approach.